Travel is healing.

– Jake Kevorkian

Levarti Is More Than Travel. Levarti Is A Movement.


At Levarti, we believe that fulfillment lies in breaking free from the constraints placed on us by large corporations monopolizing our travel system keeping our dream vacations from becoming a reality. It is time to disrupt the system just like Netflix did with Blockbuster and Uber did with transportation.

The Levarti mission is driven by our passion to create an infrastructure families can depend on for years to come. Our Bucket List foundation was designed so we can use a portion of our corporate revenue to help families make memories who would be unable to do so otherwise.
Getting out and experiencing the world is one of the greatest and most rewarding ways we can nurture our spirit. The Levarti model allows for people to gain access to unbelievable rates while also using our Affiliate option to earn an income from home simply by sharing our technology with others, something we all would undoubtedly be doing anyways.
Here at Levarti we are firm believers that travel is more about being with those we love than it is about the destination itself. This is why our platform has such a wide variety of options to experience savings both away from home and around town. The Levarti Life is The Fun Life!

Disrupting the Status Quo

Just as Uber revolutionized the transportation industry, Levarti is disrupting the travel industry. Introducing savings that empowers everyday people to tap into their inner explorer without breaking the bank is what Levarti is all about. We are devoted to keeping your hard earned money from being snatched up by large corporations and in your pockets where it belongs. Levarti’s movement is focused on:

  • Challenging the established norms
  • Redefining how people plan their experiences and vacations
  • Harnessing the power of technology and a community-drive marketplace to connect members with unheard of savings

Rather than upcharge the consumer, we invite you to be a part of our culture and together we get to experience exclusive discounts, transparent pricing, and unbeatable value. We are proud to be at the forefront of a new era in the travel industry where savings, convenience, and unforgettable memories go hand in hand.

Still Have A Few Questions?

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