All Returns and Refunds of product or services shall abide by the Company return/refund policy as determined by the individual service offering and as further defined in the Company Policies and Procedures. All initial fees from Affiliates to Company shall be in accordance with the cancellation policy as follows:

You may CANCEL this application, without any penalty or obligation, within THREE (3) BUSINESS DAYS from the date of this Application (FIVE (5) BUSINESS days for Alaska residents, FIFTEEN (15) DAYS for Montana residents and FIFTEEN (15) BUSINESS days for North Dakota residents aged 65 or older). Maryland residents may cancel this agreement for any reason within three (3) months after the date of receipt of goods or services first ordered by written notice to the Company. Puerto Rico residents may cancel this agreement for any reason within ninety (90) days after enrollment.

If you cancel, any payments made by you at the time you submitted this Application will be returned within TEN (10) BUSINESS DAYS following receipt by the Company of your cancellation notice.

All travel portal membership fees, including monthly or annual, and/or subsequent fees for services are nonrefundable. In the event of cancellation and upon Affiliate request, Company shall repurchase all marketable physical inventory for a 90% refund up to twelve (12) months from the original purchase date the product was purchased from Company. Marketable, physical inventory is defined as all products that are in a condition that would permit Company to resell.